• 中文簡體
     Chaozhou Huafeng Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. The company specializes in production and service in the field of clean energy for more than 20 years. It is a production and trade group enterprises covering liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas (LNG), dimethyl ether (DME), oil, etc.), chemical, plastic products and processing/storage services. With the LNG/LPG clean energy industrial chain, Huafeng Group has the comprehensive strength in the forefront of the national LPG importers and distributors.
    In 2006, Ohwa Energy, one of Huafeng Group's subordinate companies, was listed in Singapore, being the first overseas listed company in Chaozhou City. The company's annual output value is 3 billion Yuan. For 15 consecutive years, the company has been awarded the title of “enterprise of abiding by contract”in Guangdong province, ranking number 282 on the top 500 of China Energy Company in 2015, ranking number 244 on the top 500 of Guangdong Enterprises in 2016, ranking number 334 on the Top 500 of China Petrochemical Enterprises in 2017, and ranking number 253 on the Top 500 of Guangdong Province, etc.

    Mr. Liang Guozhan, President and General Manager of Huafeng Group, has been entitled to honor of: 
    Chaozhou ‘Model Worker’ in 2002; 
    ‘Ten Outstanding Youth’ of Chaozhou; 
    ‘Guangdong Province Elite Entrepreneurs’ in 2004; 
    ‘Chinese Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs’ in 2005; 
    ‘Guangdong Province Elite Entrepreneurs’ in 2011; 
    ‘Guangdong Province Elite Entrepreneurs’ in 2012; 
    ‘Guangdong Province Elite Entrepreneurs’ in 2013; 
    ‘Guangdong Province Elite Entrepreneurs’ in 2015;
    Mr. Liang also served as Representative of the Municipal People’s Congress on Twelfth and Thirteenth Sessions.

    Huafeng Group has 8 subsidiaries, including nearly 20 gas filling stations. With competitive marketing strategies and logistics service network, our business covers from East China to South China, and also exports to Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and Malaysia. The Group continuously improves its operational service system and provides quality green energy and services to the society in a timely manner.

    Our Business
    • LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

      First-level Refrigerated LPG Breakbulk Terminal (Designed Production Capability 900000 tons annually, input/output capacity 1.8 million tons per annual)
      Secondary LPGStorage Depots 3000 m3
      A 2,000 MT Jetty, a 5,000 MT Jetty and a 50,000 MT Jetty
      2*200 M3 LPG Tanks
      2 LPG Carriers
      More than 10 LPG tanker trucks 

    • PDH (Propane Dehydrogenation to Propylene) + PP(Polypropylene) Project (under constructions:)

      Land covering an area of 1173 acres. Designed Propylene production capability 1.8 million tons per year.
      First phase: PDH Project of 600,000 tons per year, PP Project of 350,000 tons per year
      Second phase: PDH Project of 2*600,000 tons per year
      Activated PDH (Propane Dehydrogenation to Propylene) project and plans to build a ‘4000 acres Clean Energy Industrial Park’ led by ‘Alkane Deep Processing – PDH Project’.
      Create a clean energy chemical industry chain.


      12*150 m3 LNG tankers
      Gas Pipeline Network
      More than 10 LNG tanker trucks
      LNG Storage and Distribution Station under construction (Over all scale reaches to 1 million tons per year on Project phase one)
      LNG Receiving Station under construction (Annual supply 4 million tons, 5.6 billion m3.)

    • Other Business
      Refined Oil storage 26000 m3
      Methanol storage 40000 M3
      Dimethyl Ether production device

    In 2015, Huafeng Group started the construction of LNG Storage and Distribution Terminal with the storage capcity of 520,000 M3, with a total investment of about RMB 4.2 billion. The whole project is divided into two phases. In the first phase, , two 100,000 M3 of gas storage tanks and supporting facilities will be built, and the former wharf will be upgraded to 80,000 tons of LNG/LPG wharf, with a gas supply capacity of one million tons per year. The project is to be completed by December 2018. In the second phase, the terminal will be upgraded to a receiving station, with two new 160,000 M3 of gas storage tanks and supporting facilities. LNG turnover will reach four million tons per year. This project is listed in the 13TH Five-Year Plan of Guangdong Province's Energy Development planning (Year 2016-2020), Fujian-Guangdong Economic Cooperation and Development Plan (Year 2015-2030), Chaozhou City and Town Gas Program and key construction project of Guangdong Province 2017. This terminal will also serve as an emergency peak-shaving of gas supply system for the Guangdong Provincial Gas Pipeline Network. The Project will provide a stable and reliable gas storage base for the Fujian-Guangdong region, which is of great significance for ensuring stable gas supply, emergency peak-shaving and safety reserves in the Guangdong and Fujian regions.
    In November 2017, Huafeng Group activated PDH (Propane Dehydrogenation to Propylene) project and planned to build a ‘Clean Energy Industrial Park’ led by ‘Alkane Deep Processing – PDH Project’. The project will cover an area of around 4000 acres, which includes 3*600,000 Tons/Year PDH Units and 350,000 Tons/Year Polypropylene Plant, 2*780 MW/Year Gas-Steam Cogeneration Plant and facilities supporting wharf. This project is attracting and driving downstream manufacturers to invest along the chemical industrial chain. This project will bring many jobs  for the local residence, upgrade Chaozhou’s industrial structure, and contribute substantial taxation for the city.
    As the largest gas supplier in Chaozhou, after more than a decade’s development and exploration, Huafeng Group has became a diversified enterprise specialized in energy processing, production, storage, transportation, chain distribution, import and export trading, and chemical materials trades. With market oriented strategies and integrated logistic distribution network from primary refrigerated LPG terminal  to downstream retail outlets, the company realizes information management, ensures the smooth coordination of capital flow, logistics and business flow, and provides excellent green energy services for the community.


    The enterprise spirit of Huafeng Group is to be agmbitious and innovatieve. It is the goal of Huafeng people to provide high quality environmental protection energy for the society. 
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